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How do atomic power stations work if we know that a divisible atom does not exist?


Atomic weapons are hoax but nuclear power? What's behind it? Do not you know?

If the atom is just a manifestation of domain geometry it can not be cleaved ...

"Atomic weapons are hoax but nuclear power? What's behind it? Do not you know?"

Sure. Nuclear power is a similar principle as magnetism. Were already familiar with the model of geometric atoms and with atomic geometry which reflects aethereal frequency - There are three types of geometry (at least in my work) 1) atomic geometry, 2) molecular geometry, and 3) structural geometry. All three types of geometry have the property to "reflect" aethereal frequency corresponding to the geometry. Each atom reflects a aethereal frequency, molecules reflect frequencies corresponding to the collective atomic geometry of the molecule.. but there is also a third kind - structural geometry - this is when the structure of an element or object has a geometric alignment. In this case, the entire structure reflects aethereal waves. Magnets, for example, have a structural geometry which "reflects" aethereal frequency which is why magnets attract and repel. Similar story with uranium, it's an element that has a special structural geometry reflecting aethereal waves. These waves create heat. Nuclear power is aethereal frequency reflected by the structural geometry of uranium.

I'm in the process of uploading "magnetism and nuclear power" on my website in the next days.


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Thank you for answer.

Very interesting..

But I can imagine those questions from the opponents of "your" model of the world.

Like radiation.

  Well, I saw a movie from Chernobyl. It's sprouted with vegetation ... so radiation is hoax?

Could anyone have a piece of uranium at home and heat free?

And the second question.

  Defenders on fb have responded to your statement that the propagation of sound in the air is not possible.

... Without ether ...

But they write that the sound spreads differently in water, air, steel, etc. (aluminum even 5200 m / s ... wiki)

... I do not know what to write about .... but their question has its logic


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