May 1

Square-earth book on amazon?




Thanks for great information on this site and your youtube channel:-)


I consider to buy your book on amazon, but i see there are two different books?



Your book (monumental work btw) is sold out on Amazon for a while now. Hopefully they weren't all bought up by some shadowy international group that doesn't want this game changing information in the hands of most flat-earthers, that being the Zetetic pizza-world cult ..... where can I find a copy of your book sir?

Aug 13Edited: Aug 13

@dymaxion13 Thank for your interest. Its unlikely that the globalists puppet masters are really concerned about the "FE-community finding out the truth". Most flat earthers genuinely dont care what shape the earth is . Im trying to get through to real research communities out there someday not to "reconvert" the pizza-world-cult.

The book "Square earth cosmology" is undergoing some modifications at the moment and will be shown on the website as soon as its back on amazon.

Kind regards

May 2

The north-south issue is my biggest question. Is it the same as the continous motion with the east/west direction? What happen if you continue to go north beyond the 90 degree or 90 degre south?


Last summer i visit Svalbard at 79 degree north. Just 800 miles from the north pole. (They say!) I wanted to check out if the sun was over the horizon 24/7, but the weahter failed me:-(

Aug 8

Great book Roman:-) Maybe the pictures should have been coloured.

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