Square Earth Cosmology


get familiar with the project, its purpose, and its strategy - IMPORTANT


introduction to the aether being the fundamental force of the universe; introduction to the light body concept; introduction to the cubical model

of space and to the octahedral model of the atom, to atomic attraction and more


Evidence that the current heliocentric model

is wrong + proof that the official UTM grid; also

used in aviation, by military etc; is the accurate, 

to-scale depiction of the earth's surface, of landmasses and of continents

explanation for all observable astronomy on the

rectangular plane - including sunrise and sunset, arctic and antarctic midnight sun; stellar abboration and the two celestial poles


the concept of a Dual Astronomy assumes

a duality between the observable astronomy

and the physical. The way we perceive astronomy, meaning the official Round Earth Model, represents the observable part of the duality, not the physical 

anatomy of the universe; including

diverse components, their function and


compilation of Square Earth visuals and

animations for free use

updated on Jan 04

(follow the development of the website and see

the latest publications and posts)